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  • In June of 2004, I was introduced to Keith, who explained to me that he had an idea that he was in the process of getting patented. He showed me the box containing the fountain float kit and explained the theory behind it. I was immediately impressed with what I saw and could see a need for this type of product throughout our industry. Many times over the years, I have had customers ask for this very type of kit. He offered to install a demo kit in one of our fountains at the Orangevale location. The fountain that Keith chose to install the demo in, was a two tiered, concrete and bronze $10,000 fountain. I had two initial concerns, my first being: drilling a hole into the side of the fountain. My second concern, was whether or not the one quarter inch poly tubing would be able to keep up with the water loss in this fountain due to three factors, wind, splash and evaporation. It was after all, the middle of summer with temperatures over 100 F. Keith suggested that he install the demo, and return in three days after I had a chance to evaluate the performance of the kit. When Keith returned, I was pleased to inform him that the float kit was working perfectly. He then proceeded to install a second demo in a smaller fountain that was closer to the outside sales counter, so we could show our customers that this product is available, and can simplify owning a fountain.
    I placed an order for ten Creative Fountain Float kits, and have reordered the kits twice since then. I am anticipating a very busy spring and summer and look forward to offering the Creative Fountain Float kit to our customers as part of our product line.

    Ray Sicotte
    Pottery World

    Pottery World, Sacramento’s largest fountain and statuary retail store, three shipments in four months.
  •  I highly recommend this product to anyone with a pond or fountain to reduce the possibility of loss from the water level dropping unexpectedly. I am able to leave for a weekend...or longer without worrying about my pond level!


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