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  • I am happy to give a testimonial in reference to the float valve that was installed in my outdoor fountain. We purchased our house almost 4 years ago and had a fountain installed as part of the landscaping. I guess I was naive in thinking that the water would be automatically supplied to the fountain. Of course I found that the wind would blow water away from the fountain with the result that I had to fill the fountain with a hose at least once a day. I got so tired of this that after about a year, I just gave up on the fountain. Then I visited Pottery World and purchased a kit containing all the things necessary to install a float valve. I had Keith install it for me. After that we enjoyed the fountain every day, all day, with zero problems! The bottom line is that any time someone purchases an exterior fountain, the store selling the fountain is negligent if they don't insist that a float valve be sold with it. It is rare that I have gotten such satisfaction from a purchase. Now, our fountain is something that is a continuing pleasure rather than a continuing annoyance.
    Herb Peckham

    This gentleman has had his fountain four years. He stopped using it three years ago, until he purchased the float kit from Pottery World in August 2004. He is now enjoying full use of his fountain.
  •  we... were constantly bickering daily, over who was going to have to fill, by hand with pitchers of water, the fountain located in the outside dining area... pump motor had to be replaced because the fountain had run dry.... the fountain has been working perfectly



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