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Fill Kit Description

This kit will keep your fountain or pond filled with water constantly. A simple float valve monitors your water levels and trickles in water as needed. Helps prevent burning up the pump motor. Supplies 1.5 gallons per minute as needed by your fountain.

Most installations can be completed in under 30 minutes or less.
When water level is low, the float valve streams a trickle of water to fill fountain. Once the fountain is filled, the float turns off the water trickle.

No electrical wiring. No batteries. No switches. No modules to mount. No messy glue. No leaky self-tapping pipe connections. Superior to all others!

Float-Valve Dimensions: 6.5" length, 1.5" diameter

Most fountains lose water, rapidly in the Summer to evaporation, year-round to wind and splash. Remove the chore of filling your fountain with the garden hose.

Thin poly tubing runs from your faucet to your fountain. We supply all the parts you need for a quick and clean installation.

Simple, proven, mechanical float works reliably  forever!

Hundreds of delighted customers all over the USA since 2004!

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